Case Studies


With Greg’s help, my wife and I reached an agreement, which was memorialized in writing through an attorney Greg referred. Greg instructed us to have the document independently reviewed by lawyers with respect to legal rights and obligations, and instruct the lawyers not to insert themselves into the financial terms as to what we had agreed. This was excellent advice, but the lawyers nevertheless inserted themselves into the financial terms, and neither of us restrained them. As a result, when we reconvened with Greg, it appeared hopeless. As things were blowing up, Greg calmly held up his hands making a time-out motion. It was brilliant, and perfectly played. Greg got us to settle down, see that each lawyer was stirring the pot and agitating and scaring us in hopes that we would retain them. He made us realize that if I had gone to my wife’s lawyer, he would have argued my case and vice versa, and that there is no set scientific outcome when it comes to divorce. He also made us step back and see that we were so entrenched in what the lawyers said that we did not see just how close we were in terms of our financial proposals. And, he pointed out that the amount of money that was holding us back from reaching a settlement was much less than what the lawyers would take. In short, Greg got us back on course, and enabled us to move forward and settle. We could not have achieved this without him. And, as an added bonus, we are now communicating and co-parenting better than we have in years.


After months of getting nowhere with my attorney, I contacted Greg who gave me arguments and details literally at the spur of the moment just days before my scheduled mediation, which not only supported my position and led my ex to settle, but furthermore, were unique from any argument my attorney was raising. Greg's thoroughness and thoughfulness as well as his attention to details were invaluable. 


Greg Gann is a standout in the field. His compassionate guidance, genuineness, and amazing breadth of knowledge have helped me tremendously in my quest for peace of mind through my ordeals. I strongly implore anyone who is seeking the types of services that Greg provides to call him today.


Having engaged lawyers and mediators into resolving our divorce, I can never thank you enough for working with us in the entire process.


I received advice and counsel regarding division of assets between me and my soon to be ex. Perspective and insight was delivered. 


Although my divorce was finalized years ago, Greg helped me realize that my ex-husband’s pension had not been assigned to me.


I was referred to Greg for divorce mediation. My husband is a tough businessman and negotiator. This is what he does for a living. Through mediation, my husband’s defensiveness and dismissiveness melted away to the point where, my husband and I came to agreable terms. Plus, we left as friends.



My attorney referred me to Greg to evaluate whether it was most advantageous for me to retain exclusive ownership of my 401k or share my retirement savings in exchange for getting half of my soon to be my ex-husband’s pension income. Greg weighed the pros and cons of each. His analysis allowed me to make my decision.




Before coming to Greg, we did a lot of research about hiring people who we can trust. He was able to establish a means whereby we could discuss difficult issues and navigate strategies about our futures. We hope to remain friends and easily able to communicate and co-parent our children.




Due to a disability, the husband of my client was forced to leave his employment and prematurely initiate an income stream from his pension plan. My client, the wife, consulted with her investment advisor who was not a specialist in divorce financial planning. The investment advisor assigned a value to the husband’s pension income, told my client that she was entitled to half of that value as a lump sum.   I reached out to Greg in an attempt to get everyone on the right track. Greg listened to my client’s goals and identified the core issues and what was most pertinent for my client and causing her the most angst. By generating options and evaluating projections, my client was able to see the big picture and overcome the roadblocks.  In addition, Greg also helped me frame the language to include in the settlement proposal.

Attorney at Law




Our mediator referred us to Greg. Because I was keeping the house, my husband claimed that I owed him over $200,000 from my share of the other marital assets. The thing is that I knew that income from his pension was greater than mine, but I had no idea how to analyze it. Greg did the analysis and upon completing the calculations, we could prove mathematically that I did not owe my husband the $200,000 that he claimed.  We needed a mediator to serve as a third party intermediary, but the mediator did not have the financial knowledge or the ability to address the financial issues that led to a resolution. 



Greg served as an independent voice for two people who couldn't get on the same page. I wasn't hearing what my wife proposed because I did not trust her. Greg analyzed our situation objectively in order to help facilitate a settlement between me and my wife by being an objective arbiter to come to a compromise for our needs. He listed the good and bad aspects of proposals from each of our perspectives so that we could see it from our own side as well as what the other side was going to have left to live.



These are hypothetical situations based on real life examples.  Names and circumstances have been changed.