Our Philosophy

We provide objective financial planning and active investment management for individuals, families, and businesses. We do not believe in the ubiquitous, yet simplistic asset allocation pie chart models that do not address risks and opportunities that exist in real time. We do not ascribe to a simple buy and hold (otherwise known as buy and hope) approach. We believe that true diversification incorporates assets and strategies beyond long-only stock and bond investing. And, we believe that different market conditions demand different strategies and types of investments. We take great pride in our research and our record of delivering investment products and strategies for which only few have ever been previously educated or exposed.


What We Do & Who We Serve

Next to health, achieving financial independence is perhaps life's ultimate objective. The adage to “follow the money” exists because finance is at the core of almost everything. Helping clients to pursue and preserve financial security has trifold significance for us. It is our passion, privilege and honor to serve in this capacity. It is an awesome responsibility and incredibly rewarding. We take an active role in all areas of managing clients' money. This can range from financial and estate planning to investment management of both retirement and non-retirement type accounts. We do this with the orientation of providing objective advice and management that is always client-centered and directed in the best interests of the clients we serve.


Credentials & Experience

Greg is a member in good standing with the Maryland Bar. Although he is not actively engaged in the practice of law, both the practice of law and finance intersect within the juncture of personal financial planning as well as divorce financial planning. As a result, Greg's legal background helps him serve as an integral part of either a financial planning/investment management or the client's divorce team. Greg is also trained in Collaborative Law.  He is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  Although Greg is not a CPA, he has an understanding of tax law.

Having originated the business in 1989, Greg has been involved in an array of financial planning, estate planning, and domestic matters whose issues have spanned the gamut. He has navigated booms and busts in markets brought on by banking regulations, changes in interest rate policies, stretched valuations, and exuberance from the dot com and housing market cycles.  With such extensive experience, there are very few financial or domestic planning issues that he has not dealt.

Degrees/Certifications: Juris Doctorate, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, LPL Investment Advisor Representative, Collaborative Law, Member of The Financial Therapy Association, Member of The Association of Professional Family Mediators, Member of The Association of Divorce Financial Analysts.


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