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RolE of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

We leverage and combine our financial planning, tax and estate planning as well as active investment management knowledge and experience to serve as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. In this capacity, we are guided by the principle that even if marriage is not forever, family is. How a couple handles this most challenging chapter of its life will have a direct and permanent impact on the family unit. And, since separation and divorce are all about family preservation, finances, and division of property, a team-oriented approach that incorporates financial planning specifically as it relates to issues surrounding separation and divorce helps to assure the most favorable outcome for all parties.



Team Approach – Divorce Financial Planning

Having seen so much educational and retirement savings that families had spent years sacrificing and accumulating lost through divorce, we are passionate about being a catalyst for change. Our approach is to provide financial planning and analysis either individually to one spouse or collectively to both as it relates to potential settlement offers and their implications. Divorce lawyers handle the legal issues. Mediators are skilled in negotiating. Having a handle on the financial ramifications underscores any settlement agreement that the divorce attorney and/or mediators are likely to reach. That is why we promote a team-oriented approach. After all, since, other than custody, separation and divorce are all about finances, doesn't it only make sense to have a divorce financial professional on the team?



Credentials & Experience

Greg is a member in good standing with the Maryland Bar. Although he is not actively engaged in the practice of law, both the practice of law and finance intersect within the juncture of personal financial planning as well as divorce financial planning. As a result, Greg's legal background helps him serve as an integral part of either a financial planning/investment management or the client's divorce team. Greg is also trained in Collaborative Law.  He is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  Although Greg is not a CPA, he has an understanding of tax laws.

Having originated the business in 1989, Greg has been involved in an array of financial planning, estate planning, and domestic matters whose issues have spanned the gamut. He has navigated booms and busts in markets brought on by banking regulations, changes in interest rate policies, stretched valuations, and exuberance from the dot com and housing market cycles.  With such extensive experience, there are very few financial or domestic planning issues that he has not dealt.

Degrees/Certifications: Juris Doctorate, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, LPL Investment Advisor Representative, Collaborative Law, Member of The Financial Therapy Association, Member of The Association of Professional Family Mediators, Member of The Association of Divorce Financial Analysts.




We offer a chance to protect your assets, credit and your future. Divorce can be compared to running an election campaign. Although there is a lot of time, stress, energy, and work that goes into running a successful campaign, for the victor, the real work begins after the celebration ends. Similarly, there are numerous financial issues that can fall through the cracks post-divorce if someone isn't knowledgeable or on top of things. It is not uncommon that instructions to transfer retirement assets were not accepted, prohibiting the transfer to occur as intended. Investments which were to support one household pre-divorce have to adequately cover two households once the divorce is finalized. The net worth of the parties has been cut in half, which impacts risk tolerances and drawdowns, and consequently the types of appropriate investment strategies to which the parties should be allocated moving forward.

If your major asset, a commercial building that generated solid cash flow, were to burn down, this would clearly elicit the need for renewed financial planning and strategies. Likewise, the division of assets and the impacts on net worth and security warrant a fresh approach. Furthermore, estate and tax planning, beneficiary designations, powers of attorneys, health care powers of appointments all have to be revised and coordinated after the divorce becomes effective. We stay on board post-divorce after the attorney has moved onto her next pressing assignment when the real work begins to coordinate all these issues, and ensure a happily ever after.


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